Poetry is what's said
in between the lines.

Poetry is what's said
in between the lines.

carve into your life

Shapes that cut you
Edges that define you
Hills that build you
Valleys that save you

Moments that change you
Challenges that strike you
Truths that expose you
Friends who cherish you

Times that throw you
Curves that try you
Regrets that haunt you
Self that doubts you

Run your fingers along their lines

Find yourself amid their shine

Keep whittling with your knife


Pioneer robed in black
In truth she delves
Governing strangers
And fate brought by twelve

Warrior cloaked by jurisprudence
Empty of malice
Guarding truth
In the name of justice

Acrobat unswayed by guile
A calling worthy
Balancing righteousness
With a sword of mercy

Architect blinded by duty
Envisions level land
Shaping jus
With scales in hand

where our life grows

Take me to the place I don't know
Where I live without me
On the mountain's breathless top

Sing to me the song I can't alone bellow
That sounds for us
Amid the forest's bounty

Sink me into the deep blue shadows
Where freedom breathes
Inside the sea's pregnant belly

On a whim I'd go
On your wings
Unveil my eyes and fly me home
Where you are waiting
So I can live

Or carve for me a place to stow
Without these jagged edges
And bury me there in the dunes' quiet sands
Until I can live

Where our life grows

Where our life grows

Where our life grows

Where our life grows

Where our life grows


Holden Caulfield perched in the writhing rye
Fought vigor of growth that quelled his cries
Ah, the tangled wreckage and the in-betweens
A blissful nightmare, the years of teens

James Gatz lost amid his opulent crowd
Invented a man who couldn't scream out loud
Ah, the pregnant days and the hours plenty
A deliberate stumble, the years of twenty

Gregor Samsa repulsed by segmented disguise
Grew surety of instinct and rubbed his eyes
Ah, the cloak of convention but six hands dirty
A webbed cocoon, the years of thirty

Nora Helmer birthed with a sounding slam
Crept up on a life that gave a damn
Ah, the thrilling escape toward life pianoforte
A liberating loss, this day of forty

February 27,2010

Allison's heart

Made of flowers
Made of steel
Turn the squares just to spin the wheel

Made of sky
Made of caves
Surf the water just to sink the waves

Made of shaken
Made of still
Jump the rock only to fall uphill

Scared of nothing
Scared of fear
Subdue the enemy then draw it near

Made of girly
Made of strong
Embrace the nowhere and find belong


I will pierce his heart with weapons made
Of pride and wishes borrowed
Then flow the venom from his veins
Let drain the wretched sorrow

I will strip away his tarnished cage
His shelter and his sheath
To bare the love for sake of none
Lying dormant underneath

I will replenish his empty chambers then
With faith not bound by limit
Until finally he will surrender his mask
He must be so beautiful without it